Doing It Again


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It is a new year. We are actually seven days into the new year by now, but I have never been on time. I’m just getting around to all this now.
The clock ticked, the calendar’s flipped, and we all kissed and made resolutions and swore we would be better. Personally, I resolved to finally use Twitter (follow me @TheFuckingFacts), to develop a more refined palate (olives and black liquorice, here’s looking at you), and to get back to blogging.

2013 was one full on year. I was too busy – busy making a parody music video, busy doing fun interviews, busy actually fucking (which always feels like time better spent than writing about fucking). Mostly, I have just been busy writing things other than this blog. In particular, a book (!!!). I was awarded the theoretically sweet deal of writing a creative non-fiction novel for Invisible Publishing. I say “theoretically”, because if any of you have ever tried to write a book then you know that the process is a very special kind of pain. True, “writing a book” gives you some additional authoritative professionalism at dinner parties and when meeting parents. But at all other times it is a particularly awful activity. It causes your back to ache and your shoulders to hunch. It will lead to a plummet in your self confidence. Essentially, it will make you want to give up writing anything at all, ever.

But, it is a new year. The calendar flipped, the clock ticked, and I set aside my insecurities and decided to get back on the horse, the bike, the condom-clad cock, if you will allow me an alliterative safe-sex plug.

I have weighed my topic options. I have considered critiquing sex-positivity, writing more erotica,  and exploring anal. But at the end of the day it always comes back to this: “Hot Tips for Fucking Girls” . Way back in February of last year I wrote a post with that as the title. And by far it has been the most popular thing I have ever written. It has been clicked on by 1000s. Search terms relating to how to please a woman are what almost always lead earnest interneters to my blog. And while I would not necessarily consider myself an expert on the matter, I do consider myself a woman. And sex is my bread and butter.

So, let me provide you with some guidance. May 2014 bring us all the answers we’ve been Googling for (and better sex.)

“Hot Tips For Fucking Women”, Part 2*

1.The Front Hole & The Back Hole

 In part one I drew your attention to the clitoris, a friend to many. A lot of fine folk like their clit being loved up and rubbed down because it’s chalk full of nerve endings and is subsequently pretty sensitive to touch. It is a great area to focus on, but not the only one. A lot of people like some internal stimulation too. Enter The Holes (I know some of you may be thinking “Ew! Holes!”. To some it isn’t the most sexy term. But I like using it because it’s nicely gender-neutral.) There is one in the front and one in the back.They may also be referred to as the vagina and the anus, the pink sink and the rosebud, or the dragon’s lair and the back door. The list of synonyms goes on and on, so it is best to ask your sex-friend what they like to call it before diving in.Some people like penetration because it creates a nice, woozy-inducing feeling of fullness. Some people like it because there are a lot of nerve endings at the entrances of both the front and back holes. And some people like it because the G-Spot and the P-Spot can both be found internally. When consensually providing some internal play for another person some great ideas are to: start slow and use lube, because the skin around both of the hole’s openings is thin and can tear if thrust into without proper preliminaries; curve the fingers upwards in a “come hither” motion to stimulate the hole’s respective entrances (and maybe even find the G-Spot and the P-Spot); and pay attention to the person’s body! Often when someone is aroused their hole will expand to accommodate penetration. If you feel the body ballooning around you, it may be a good sign that you’re on the right track.

2. Toys are your allies, not your enemies.

Based on my work in a sex shop, I get the impression that many people are nervous about sex toys. Fair enough. Sex toys and exploring our bodies can be a really nerve-wracking endeavor for a lot of valid reasons. But let me attempt to dissipate one fear here & now. Sex toys will not replace your partner. It is unlikely that you will become more in love with the feeling of a vibrator, dildo, or butt plug than the person you are fucking. It is true that our bodies can become accustomed to coming in certain ways (in one position or with a particular stroke), so changing things up frequently may be wise. But typically toys are not a replacement but an accessory. They can provide added vibrations and pressure and whole new sensations. So try going on an ultra fun shopping trip with your lover. You may find something to make the back hole feel full, the clit feel buzzy, or the nipples feel pleasantly pinched.The options are endless.

3. Just Ask!!!!!

I know this was my advice in Part One, but it is so important that I have to repeat it. If you really want to get someone off, the best way to do it is to ask them how they like it. No two humans walk the same, talk the same, or orgasm in the same way. This means communication is key! Ask the person you’re getting down with things like “Do you like it harder or slower?”, or “May I put my mouth on your cunt?” or “Does this feel good?”. Add in some adjectives, like “Your so fucking hot. Can I try and get you off?”, or some more direct statements like “Fuck, I want to touch you everywhere. Are their places you don’t want me to touch?”. Talking about sex, both asking and answering these kind of questions, can feel uncomfortable and vulnerable in the beginning, but it is a great thing to practice again & again & again. To help with feeling more equipped to ask questions and know what you like, check out the book “What You Really, Really Want” by Jaclyn Friedman, or “Exhibitionism for the Shy” by Carol Queen or some of these handy   resources.


* I can’t write that title without quotations for good reason. The terms “fucking” and “women” are just too subjective to use literally. As I have written before, the act of having sex/fucking is something that is pretty open to interpretation. Fucking can refer to absolutely anything that makes you feel erotic pleasure, not just one particular act. And the identity of “women” is also a personalized thing. That gender binary is bullshit. The world is not simply divided into two groups. Instead, our gender identities can be fluid and unrelated to what parts we have. Someone may be born with a body assigned as male, but identify as a woman. Or someone may have been assigned female at birth but chooses to identify as a masculine-presenting genderqueer person, for example. I have chosen to stick with using the term “women” in this article because it is what most people seem to be Google searching. When I write “woman” I am referring to anyone who self-identifies as such. When you yourself are navigating the world of human relationships, please keep in mind that gender is something that should never be assumed. Here’s a video with more information.


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