Shit has been happening in 2013.
The result: I haven’t been blogging.
And despite my fascination with my oral health (as evidenced above), I haven’t been spending all my time worrying about tooth decay either.
I’ve been doing that part time, for sure, but I have also been preoccupied with all sorts of things.

For one, the sex shop I work at is getting older and bigger and better, and to celebrate we are throwing a big old party. I am honoured to play the role of Host. I am going to wear fake eyelashes for the first time ever. If you are in Halifax you should come and check out how silly they will look, and even better, dance to the wild beats of DJ Regalia and DJ SWAYBACK. It’s gonna be a time.

For two, I have been doing fun and exciting things that sex experts get to do. Way back in March I was part of a round table for HuffPost Live called Bringing Sexy Back, where me and three other professional sex educators, professors, and sex toy designers talked about the sex toy economy. When watching this video you should know that though I may look semi professional in my fancy glasses, I am actually sitting in my bed in my tiny attic apartment, and below the waist I am only wearing boys underwear.
Oh, and, I am going to Guelph, Ontario in June to speak at the 35th Annual Guelph Sexuality Conference. Brilliant sex educators like Tristan Taormino and Cory Silverberg will be there doing their things, teaching us stuff. I am speaking about sexual health and (dis)ability, which is my absolute favourite topic. So I have been busy with that, worrying over what I should say & wondering over what I should wear. What does one wear to a sex conference?!

For three, and I think this one is the biggest deal of ’em all, I am writing a book?! It is actually, honestly and truly, one of the most exciting & terrifying & nerve-wracking & honouring projects with which I have ever been tasked.
In February, I signed a contract with the very impressive independent publishers Invisible Publishing. Check out their books. They are beautiful and brilliant and so fucking cool. And, within a year, a book written by me will be amidst their roster! Woah.

So, in sum, I am busy as shit. And as happy as a pig in shit too. And to continue with the various uses of the word shit: I don’t how the shit I am going to do it all.

To help with this, to narrow down my responsibilities,  I am gonna say BRB! to blogging.
I will be back, saying (hopefully) helpful and funny thing soon. As soon as I can.

Until then, please find your sex information from other resources. Personally, I would avoid Cosmo and all of their 69 Tips To Make Your Man Go Wild. They are always so redundant and boring.  Instead, some smarty-pants sex talkers can be found here and here and here.

I’ll miss you!
I’ll BRB!
Wish me luck!


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